Quest Pillow

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Glideaway Quest Pillow is a Memory Comfort Fiber Pillow with a Fiber Core and is dual sided. 


  • Comfort Curve - Curved to conform to the contours of your neck and shoulder. 
  • TEMPTEC Fabric - TEMPTEC fabric removes humidity within the sleep environment and provides a cooler sleep surface. Improves the quality of your sleep all night long. 
  • Memory Comfort Fiber - Lightweight and hypoallergenic fibers to prevent clumping, maintains loft, and conforms to relieve pressure. 
  • Dual Sided - Two distinct sides; embossed microfiber fabric and cooling TEMPTEC fabric. Gives you a customizable sleep experience. 
  • Medium Firm Support - Flexible loft provides comfort and support throughout the night. 

Weight and Sizes:

Low Profile: 26" X 17" X 5"  |  2.37 lbs.

High Profile: 26" X 17" X 6.75"  | 5.00 lbs.