Collection: Pocket Coil Mattresses

Our showroom consists of two types of mattresses: Pocket Coil Mattresses and Continuous Coil Mattresses. Our Pocket Coil Mattresses have individually wrapped coils. Pocket Coils help reduce the transfer of motion. These mattresses are on the right side of our main showroom, and they are adjustable bed frame compatible.

In our Pocket Coil Mattresses each model has a Firm, Plush, and a Pillow-Top option.

All of our pocket coil mattresses can be made into ANY SIZE or SHAPE; if you'd like a custom size mattress, please call us at 701 - 775 - 6532.

If you order a mattress that we don't have on hand, please note that we place orders on Monday morning's (before 6:00AM), and the mattresses arrive that same week on Friday. 

We currently do not carry Pocket Coil mattresses in house - they are made to order.